FACS Announces New Gifts to Benefit Students attending Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese

Hartford, Conn.
The Foundation for the Advancement of Catholic Schools, known as FACS, is most pleased to announce that the Foundation has received two new gifts, totaling over $295,000. These gifts are earmarked for the Samuel and Louise Bruttomesso Family Scholarship Fund, which will benefit students attending St. Peter/St. Francis of Assisi School in Torrington, CT. Annually a portion of the funds will be allocated for scholarship distribution and help a growing number of students. The Fund was created specifically for students at St. Peter/St. Francis of Assisi School in 2013. Since that time, scholarships have been awarded to 30 students. FACS anticipates that the number of scholarships will continue to grow each year and would encourage students who are considering attending St. Peter/St. Francis of Assisi School to do so as this fund will play a very important role in helping those students.

The Foundation is also very grateful for a third large gift this year, an anonymous donation in the amount of $100,000 which is to benefit children attending Catholic schools in the Greater Hartford area. “It is through the kindness and generosity of donors like these that we are able to help students experience the high academic standards of a Catholic school education as well as the spiritual component that will help them grow into well-rounded adults who will thrive in the workplace and give back to their communities,” says FACS Executive Director Cynthia Basil Howard. Howard continued, “For over thirty years, FACS has helped students in this Archdiocese and our goal is to assist even more, for there are many deserving children. As one family wrote in a recent thank you note: “Kid, you will move mountains” (Dr. Seuss)…we are very grateful for your extremely generous scholarship and it will be used to build an outstanding foundation for a bright future. Our mountain is waiting”