Annual Appeal Letter


        Investing in Futures – FACS Fund 2022

Dear FACS Friend,

Today too many of our children find themselves navigating a world where all too many of the things they are exposed to, and experience do not exemplify what people with integrity would do.  This puts them at risk of making choices that could pull them on a path that leads away from faith rather than towards it.  Catholic education gives our children tools to navigate life morally, responsibly and safely.

Each year, hundreds of children reach out to us requesting assistance.  For the past tow years FACS has received three times the number of requests for scholarships than we were able to grant.  We are asking you to stand up today and support our goal to help children.  The Foundation for the Advancement of Catholic Schools (FACS) is resilient, thriving and remains true to its mission to support our Catholic school children by providing funding for scholarships and special projects.  We have resumed in-person fundraisers; awarded over $700,000 in scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year; and moved to prime office space in Simsbury.

A few years ago, many young people were wearing colorful bracelets inscribed with WWJD, the abbreviation for What Would Jesus Do?  The bracelets were a reminder that when faced with a dilemma, the wearer should ask himself or herself “What would Jesus do if He were in the situation?”  The answer was obvious; make a choice based upon love, morality, health, kindness, forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance, patience and truth.

For 39 years, we have been helping children attain an education that equips them with faith, good example, morality, security and trust that gives them the sure knowledge of what Jesus would do and what they should do in any situation.

Included in a recent note to FACS about our work:  “A most important mission any Diocese must support for growth and intention.  The education of children and families is very important for living productive lives.  The rewards are countless and need the support of many.  Thank you for your leadership and all of your efforts to strengthen the faith and education of our children.“, Dr. G., FACS donor.

Please include FACS in your year-end charitable giving.  Together, we can empower our young students and make a tremendous difference in their lives.

Yours truly,

Brian A. Giantonio

Chairman and President

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