Investing in Futures – FACS Fund 2019

Dear FACS Friend,

Thanks to your generous support, the Foundation for the Advancement of Catholic Schools has been able to help hundreds of students annually in our Catholic schools.  Each family has a unique story of faith, commitment, need and often special circumstances that makes them all worthy of assistance.  The story of Julia C. touched us in a way that far exceeded her need for financial assistance. Sadly, Julia was the victim of terrible bullying.  Her mother made a heartfelt plea for assistance from FACS to enroll Julia in a Catholic school.  FACS awarded Julia a scholarship and her situation went from despair to joy.  Her mother told FACS that Catholic school has been a “safe haven” for her daughter and that Julia has regained a sense of security, well-being and self-worth that had been stripped away by her prior experiences.

When you invest in FACS, you make it possible for us to assist students like Julia and others so that they can attain the outstanding education provided by Catholic schools. Your meaningful gift to FACS allows us to continue our mission to assist students to get in to and stay in Catholic schools where they:

  • Learn in a safe environment that
  • Supports critical thinking,
  • Promotes a strong sense of community and reaching out to others and,
  • Educates a child’s mind, body and spirit.

Your support of our annual drive, Investing in Futures – FACS Fund 2018 unites you with us, as together we provide hope to deserving students who receive scholarships through our Foundation.  Our continued success is dependent upon YOU!

Join with us as we advocate for children seeking a Catholic education.  Please make a charitable, tax-deductible donation to the FACS appeal.  The potential implications are more than just financial; your gift can change a child’s life!

With sincerest gratitude and appreciation,
Brian A. Giantonio
Chairman and President