Investing in Futures – FACS Fund 2020

Dear FACS Friend,

What a year! Who could have ever imagined the challenges and uncertainties that we ALL face? Like you, we long for a return to what we knew and how we lived before our world was unfathomably changed in so many ways.

However, rest assured that not everything has changed. You can depend on the fact that the Foundation for the Advancement of Catholic Schools will stay the course and remain committed to the children and families we serve.

Despite all the problems confronting us, this year brought new opportunities to change lives in meaningful ways. We want to help assure that our students can continue to learn in a protected and productive environment, so we have chosen to help their schools meet a critical need that exists now. I am proud to tell you that FACS has been an integral part of the process of making our Catholic schools safe for children and staff by awarding grants for Covid-19 safety initiatives to all the Archdiocese of Hartford schools.

I am writing to ask for your help on behalf of children. They are facing all kinds of challenges today due to our global health issues, family struggles, financial burdens, and social, emotional and physical stress.

Yet, there is hope for these children. Nearly 11,000 students are in Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Hartford where they find safety, and a welcoming, and extremely nurturing environment. The administration and staff are the heart and soul of Catholic schools, providing children not only with an outstanding education, but also a loving, family-like atmosphere, which are among the primary reasons our families tell us they choose Catholic school for their children.

FACS can keep our promise to remain committed and dedicated to our Catholic school students and their families thanks to YOU, our committed and dedicated donors. As we continue to invest in the future of our children with innovative and new grants, as well as annually awarding needed scholarships, we ask you to join our Trustees and me, and support FACS by making a gift to Investing in Futures-FACS Fund 2020. Thank you.

Yours truly,

Brian A. Giantonio

Chairman and President