Investing in Futures – FACS Fund 2018

Dear FACS Friend,

We know that this letter is one of many you will be receiving asking for your financial assistance; today we come to you respectfully and simply to ask for your support of FACS.

Why FACS?  Donors who come to us trust that we will help students directly with a 35- year proven record of providing scholarship assistance to Catholic school families in the Archdiocese of Hartford.  It is an honor to do this work and to have supported thousands of students. FACS wants to be the organization that is in the forefront of your consideration.  We know that you understand of the value and importance of Catholic education.

Here are some comments from children and families who have been impacted by the assistance FACS provides. It will help you to see how critical your support of FACS is:

  • My mom is very ill and my high school has gone above and beyond helping my family. I feel good everyday when I leave school that with their care, compassion and guidance, I will succeed.
  • I am receiving a high level of education consisting of problem-solving strategies and the freedom to express my Catholic faith without discrimination. My education allows me to embrace my call to service, while strengthening my foundation of knowledge, relevance and truth.
  • I feel welcomed and at peace in my school.
  • I want to attend my school because I can speak freely about my religion.
  • Catholic high school has given our daughter another layer of core values an and experience of success that she can take through life.
  • We volunteer at our son’s school, giving our time where we can’t give monetarily.
  • The strong faith, confidence, responsibility and respect our children learn at Catholic school is irreplaceable.

As you see, Catholic education is highly valued by these children and their families.  Each family’s unique story and circumstances makes them all worthy of assistance and the need is ever-present and constantly increasing.  It has always been FACS’ goal to assist as many families as possible but the pleas for assistance far outweigh our resources.  YOU CAN HELP US TO CONTINUE WITH THIS IMPORTANT WORK.

Join us as we advocate for children seeking a Catholic education.  Please support our annual drive, Investing in Futures – FACS Fund 2018 with a charitable tax-deductible donation.

With sincerest gratitude and appreciation,
Brian A. Giantonio
Chairman and President