Frequently Asked Questions

Is FACS appeal the same as the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal?

We are a separate 501(c)(3) non-profit supporting Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Hartford and therefore we have a separate appeal.  Our appeal is called Investing in Futures – FACS Fund. We support the work of the schools in their development mission, but we have a different focus. While the schools may focus on upgrading buildings, teacher training, materials and curriculum FACS focuses on raising money  primarily for scholarships. The many funds within our portfolio provide significant scholarship support to students, which ultimately help the schools with enrollment.

Is it possible to visit a school before I make my gift?

We welcome you to visit one of our schools, as a matter of fact, we would encourage you to do so.  We would be happy to help arrange a visit for you upon your request. When we bring people on tours to our schools and students, it makes a huge impression on our FACS friends who can see first-hand the impact of their donation. There is a very nurturing yet academically challenging environment in our schools and we most happily invite you to visit.

There are so many other catholic agencies, why are you asking again?

FACS is a different entity than other Catholic agencies. We believe agencies such as Catholic Charities are vital organizations and worthy of support, but our Foundation is primarily involved in elementary and secondary educational support.  And donors gifts to FACS ensure that our Foundation will continue its important work in our mission.

Will my donation help other students that are not Catholic?

The answer is yes.  More than 20 % of the students in our Catholic schools are not Catholic and students of all faiths are FACS scholarship recipients. We provide scholarships based on need,  regardless of religion, ethnicity, or gender. Archdiocesan schools are open to all students, and are reflective of the communities they serve. There has been an influx of people of other cultures who have immigrated to our area who have a Catholic heritage. Attaining a quality education is critical for these children regardless of their religious affiliation.

Can gifts to FACS be anonymous?

Occasionally donors wish to remain anonymous and we will most certainly fulfill their wishes and respect their confidentiality. We will assure that anonymity is maintained. And we do not sell or share your information with other organizations.

What about matching gifts from my company, is that typical?

We gratefully accept matching funds which provide additional support.  Policies may vary from company to company as to what gifts will be matched. Kindly look in to this with your company

Is it possible to direct my gift to a certain school or have particular student criteria?

FACS abides by any restrictions placed on your gift and our agreement spells this out so the administrators of your scholarship will know the guidelines and criteria for years to come. On occasion, a donor has a desire to help a student with a particular profile.  For example, we have one donor who wants to help children of Karen descent. We are happy to work with you to make your gift most meaningful to you as well as have the greatest impact on those you would like to help.