21st Archbishop’s St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast                       

Wow, what an event!  If you weren’t able to join us on            St. Patrick’s Day, please click the link below to watch the 21st Archbishop’s St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast.  

Even though we weren’t able to celebrate together in person, we came together to celebrate virtually at this festive and hopeful event to benefit our Catholic school students.  

 21st Archbishop’s St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast video!♣

FACS would like to extend a very special thank you to our high school essayists who truly embody all of the blessings of a Catholic education!

Congratulations to our 2021 Archbishop’s St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast finalist, Taylah P.!

Taylah P.   – East Catholic High School    

What does this scholarship mean to me? It sounds like a simple question at first glance.  However, when I dig deeper into it, I realize that it’s a lot more complex than one might think. In Kindergarten when I completed reading my first book, I knew. In 3rd grade when I won the contest for the best short story, I knew. In 9th grade when I was elected class president, I knew. I knew way back then that I was and would always be a scholar. I knew that I would always strive to learn and to be excellent. To most people, it might sound like the average aspirations of a motivated student. In my case, it is deeper than that. I have dedicated my entire life to becoming the best possible student I can be. Many people have joined and supported my journey to the academic finish line. My supporters and family have my back through any circumstance and continue to help me flourish and grow into the person I wish to become. Partly due to their unending support and my natural abilities, I have been able to be a great student and person overall. In fact, my decision to come to East Catholic was only made possible when my family supported me. I was in my sophomore year of high school and I came to the realization that my
relationship with God wasn’t as strong as I wished it to be. I was also becoming increasingly unsatisfied with the quality of the education that I was receiving.

With all of this in mind, I decided to apply to East Catholic High School. It wasn’t a decision made lightly but I knew when I made it that I would be facing a great change. I understood that I would be challenged by the level of academic excellence that came along with being a student at East. For me, this challenge wasn’t something to dread, it was something to
look forward to. Upon arriving at this school in my Junior year, I was flabbergasted by the overwhelming amount of encouragement the students and staff provided. The daily prayers and bible verses read on the announcements every morning give me the energy and positive
affirmations I need to get through the day. Not only has being in this community of like-minded individuals helped me to learn more about my Catholic faith but it has helped me to further develop my relationship with God. Since attending this school, I have begun to read and
understand the bible. I never knew how much being spiritually healthy would affect all aspects of life. My religion class has given me so many insights and so much knowledge about how I can match my social behavior to the will of God. Making this reconnection with my faith has been
one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was beginning to feel a little lost and insignificant before attending ECHS but this Catholic education has given me so much clarity and assurance in the path God has for me. It has contributed more to my overall well-being, quality of life, and academic career than I can ever ask for.

It’s not unreasonable to assert that some people are born with more advantages than others. Other people, like myself, have to work a little harder than others. It may not be ideal but it just happens to be the American way of life. I have used the resources that I do have and
crafted an appealing plan for myself. The things that make my dreams possible are my hard work and people as generous as the Foundation for the Advancement of Catholic Schools. Their financial backing to my Catholic education is an investment in my future that they will not regret
making. In so many more ways than one, this scholarship has blessed me with the resources to not only be the best student I can be but to live the life I’ve always wanted to live. I will be forever grateful for this charitable investment. Thank you!

2019 Archbishop's St. Patrick's Day Breakfast Photos